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Phoebe d'Heurle, Johanna Jaeger, Sara Murphy and Jenna Westra

Opening reception Friday, November 3, 6-9pm

November 3 - 12, 2017

Opening hours Friday thru Sunday from 12-6pm and by appointment

The circle of fragments To write by fragments: the fragments are then so many stones on the perimeter of a circle: I spread myself around: my whole little universe in crumbs; at the center, what? - r.b., 1977

The body as material, present in corporeal compositions. The body materialized, recipient in the space. Looking for something that might be overlooked, unexpected, undervalued. A view that's new, for a moment, for the present, for the recipient.

Phoebe d’Heurle draws parallels between the fragility inherent in the things that surround us and the fragility of the semiotic structures that govern the way we order and organize our social reality.  Oscillating around the photographic image and the uncanniness of everyday objects she projects a stage set for interactions. Johanna Jaeger addresses the poetics of the ordinary and the corporeal quality of art in architecture. With modified imagery taken from her surroundings, her work questions the reliance on logic and habitual parameters of perception. Sara Murphy hybridizes 2-D and 3-D forms to construct deceptively simple objects that appear at once familiar and unidentifiable. Her work plays up the tension between the depicted edge and the physical edge to result in surprising instances of wit and slippage. Jenna Westra uses moving and still film to record gestures and poses that interrogate the flexible and intimate dynamic between choreographer/photographer and subject/performer relations. The imagery depicts structural compositions of the body, objects, and architecture and references the constructed-ness of commercial messaging.

The four artists have known each other since 2012 and have been exchanging ideas across the ocean. This is the first time their work is being shown together.

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