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Pearly Whites I.jpg

Organized by Christopher Lin and Sarah K Williams

Thalia Beaty, Katie Bell, Sara Clugage, ChristopherLin, Daniel Mantilla, Clare Monfredo, François Sarhan, N Andrew Walsh, Alisha Wessler, Ashley Eliza Williams, and Sarah K Williams

Looking up, the stars
at other stars broke their ranks.
The sky drifted free.

A continuation of Extended Techniques, an experimental lecture by Sprechgesang Institute focusing on nontraditional uses of conventional objects or tools, Asterisms will be the active site for unexpected hybridizations of categorical knowledge, a break from normalized interpretations of experience.

 Sprechgesang5 Institute (S.I.) is a research-based platform for artists working in an in-between language of two or more disciplines. We believe in the ability of the gap between genres to produce fresh and innovative perspectives, offering room to breathe without boundaries, space to improvise and to question conventions. We host regular lectures, workshops, and dinners to draw connections and facilitate discussion of in-between languages.

Opening reception: Wednesday June 6th, 6PM-9PM
Location: Hercules Art/Studio Program 25 Park Place, 3rd floor, NYC
On view June 6th - 28th, gallery open by appointment:

Please RSVP at if you plan to attend.


Earlier Event: May 9
Later Event: October 3
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